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In some ways, the relationship between an ASC and its subcommittees is very similar to the relationship between NA groups and their ASC; in others, it is quite different. Just as groups create an area committee to help them fulfill their
primary purpose, so the ASC creates subcommittees to do the actual work involved in delivering its direct services—H&I, PI, phonelines, activities, and the rest. If area subcommittees are to serve effectively, the ASC must delegate them
sufficient authority to exercise their best judgment in fulfilling their duties.

However, because an area committee must account to the groups for the actions of its subcommittees, ASCs generally maintain a somewhat tighter rein on their subcommittees than groups do on their area committees.
The balance between accountability and delegation is a delicate one. If an area committee exerts too much control over its subcommittees, those subcommittees will not be able to serve well. If the ASC delegates too much authority to its subcommittees, on the other hand, the area committee will not be able to account fully for itself to the groups it serves.

An ASC should pay careful attention to the Twelve Concepts, especially Concept Five, when creating subcommittees, giving them sufficient liberty to serve freely while still maintaining their accountability.


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